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what’s new in SketchUp 2020?

Whats New in Sketchup 2020 Sketchup Pro 2020

Finally, Sketchup Pro 2020 has been released on January 28th. So let’s discover Sketchup 2020 new features, review, trailer, and tutorial.

Sketchup 2020 Download

You can download Sketchup Pro 2020 for Mac and Windows from the officiel Website. You can also try Sketchup 2020 free for 30 days with trial version.

Sketchup 2020 system requirements

Before installing Sketchup Pro 2020 You can check your System Requirements

1Layers renamed to “Tags”:

Sketchup 2020 New Features Layers to Tags

Many users familiar with Photoshop and LayOut are disadvantaged by calling them layers in Sketchup since it indicates a 2D stacking order. Now Trimble has changed it to Tags, and that won’t change your workflow.


Add Toggling Visibility in Outliner Panel. You can Hide and unhide objects easily and faster, which is great. Now, groups and components that are hidden by tag (layers) can show up in the Outliner.

Objects are now a collective term for groups, components, dynamic components, and Section Planes. This won’t effect your workflow process.

3Grips on Bounding Boxes 

Selected groups and components now display grips on the bounding box corners, allowing for quick and accurate placement. When you tap the down arrow, you can change the inference point collections to Corners, Midpoints, Centers, and Object center.

4Moving with Grips & Automatic Transparency

When you grab a point in an object to move it, your object will automatically go transparent. That works with both the Move tool and Rotate tool.

5Hidden Geometry vs Objects

A significant change has made in Sketchup 2020. Hiding objects and hiding geometry are decoupled, and that will give you the ability to better manage hidden geometry and hidden objects for an even easier modeling experience.

6What’s New in LayOut 2020?

In LayOut 2020, Trimble focused on improving the interaction between LayOut & SketchUp & to save you time and energy. So let’s see the new changes in the video below:

This is the most important feature in Sketchup Pro 2020. So if you want to discover all others improvements and bug fix check the Official Release Notes

To learn how to import your Sketchup model to D5 Render Engine? check our Article : D5 Render for Sketchup.

D5 Render 1.4 Beta New Features

D5 Render 1.4 Beta New Features Download

D5 Render 1.4 Beta is available now! With new Features and Enhancements. D5 Render 1.4 Beta Download link is available on Dimension 5 website for Free. So what’s new in D5 Render 1.4? Let’s check the new trailer and Showreel.

D5 Render 1.4 Beta Download link

You can Download D5 Render 1.4 Beta from our Download section Click Here to Download

D5 Render 1.4 Beta: Video Animation Showreel

The D5 Render Video Animation Showreel is realised by RTX 2080 Graphic Card

D5 Render 1.4 Beta: Video Animation Showreel

D5 Render 1.4 Beta New Features

D5 Render 1.4 Beta New Features
      • Video animation(beta).
      • “Open recent” on the welcome page to view project history.
      • Press Ctrl for multiple selections in the resource list.
      • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G to form light source and models into groups.
      • Multiple selections of light source for batch adjustment.
      • Option to top the material library.

D5 Render 1.4 Beta Optimizations:

      • Rendering speed boosts 2~3 times.
      • Support size adjustment of material library.
      • HDR outdoor image by default.
      • Adjustment to the rotation axis.
      • Save more scene parameters
      • User Interface details

D5 Render 1.4 Beta Fixed:

      • No image at maximized program window.
      • Program uninstall error.
      • Error in importing .fbx file.
      • Popup window sticking to the top; overlay display available.

D5 Render Trailer #1

D5 Render Trailer 1 Realtime Raytracing RTX

  D5 Render Trailer 1: Creating architectural visualization, interior design rendering, and building rendering are easier than ever. With D5 Render software, the new real-time rendering tool, you can create Full-scene real-time roaming and virtual reality.

D5 Render Trailer

With D5 Render Engine There are no longer 250 unreadable parameters, only a few buttons, and imagination is instantly visible. Le’st discover the new Rendering Engine:

D5 Render Video Trailer

1Real-time rendering

No need to select a specific angle, D5 Render Realtime Raytracing rendering technology allows your clients to roam to all the corners and places they want to see. You can display every detail of your design fully.

D5 Render Animation

2More than 2000 PBR material library 

D5 Render Trailer PBR Material Library

Don’t worry anymore about material performance. The D5 Render natively comes with a Physically based rendering of materials for building decoration materials. You can easily adjust to reflect your grasp of the material texture fully.

3Smart GI – Global Illumination

D5 Render Trailer Smart GI Global Illumination

The relationship between light and dark is under control in any direction and at any time. The intelligent global illumination system in D5 Render allows you to bring physical and realistic light and shadow effects and your design to change from a one-second freeze frame to a 24-hour moving work.

4Five (5) types of light sources

Area light source, spotlightPoint light source, a light strip, and adjustable light-emitting materials, and the 18 most commonly used IES light field effects, let space display a unique atmosphere and tone.

D5 render Trailer #2 – Realtime Raytracing (RTX)

D5 Render Trailer 2 Realtime Raytracing RTX

D5 Render Trailer #2: Everything is rendered in realtime with no precomputation. The D5 Render video shows the actual speed without any acceleration. So let see what the amazing features that D5 Render engine come with:

D5 Render Features

  1. Better realtime dynamic skylight
  2. Skylight with HDR support
  3. Enhanced global illumination
  4. Raytracing reflection with global illumination
D5 Render Video

D5 Render for Sketchup

D5 Render Sketchup

With D5 render for Sketchup render plugin. You can create amazing architectural visualization and interior design rendering by using realtime rendering tools. One-click synchronization with SketchUp and imagination is immediately visible.

Sketchup Render Easy for users

As a Sketchup user, your habits and workflow process will not be changed. All SU default materials are mapped automatically, and the software re-opens and synchronizes in real-time, helping designers to refine the details of the scheme continually.

1Import Sketchup model in One-Click

D5 Render engine natively supports the SU file format. You don’t need to convert the model format boringly. You can import the complete project model with a single click.

2Software Dual Real-time Synchronization 

D5 Render Sketchup Render Real-time Synchronization

Modeling and rendering at the same time. All changes are rendered on the fly by eliminating all duplicate work and giving you the most intuitive results.

3Smart Material Mapping

D5 Render Sketchup Render Smart Material Mapping

The D5 Render recognizes more than 200 SketchUp default materials intelligently and can import custom textures directly too. So that your rendering results are stable.

4Field of View Camera Synchronization

D5 Render Sketchup Render Camera Field Of View

Every angle you record will appear in the D5 Render engine, and you can also switch gently to track it handily.

5What SketchUp versions does D5 render support?

D5 Render Sketchup Render Supported Versions

D5 Render Software support the latest version of SketchUp 2014 to 2019.

6How to import the SketchUp model in D5 Render?

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 11

Click Import File and select the SketchUp file to be imported from the folder. Wait for loading finish, After you can enter the scene. Importing process may take a long time If the scene file is large.

7What if the SKP file fails to import?

First of all, save SKP as a SketchUp version supported by D5 Render.
The SKP File is so large. When the number of model faces is big, the import process will cause failure. Delete the unwanted a part of the model with a higher number of faces, such as plants, accessories, furniture, etc. You can use the optimized model in D5 Render to replace it.

How to Install D5 Render?

How to install d5 render engine

Before Starting: Download D5 Render

Just visit the download section to get your D5 Render Download Link (D5 Render English version). If you already download the software so lets start:

1Open D5 Render installer:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 1

Click on the installer file to start installation process, as you see the D5 Render require 1.1GB on Disk Space and that really small Render engine. Next Click on Install Button.

2Start Installation:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 2

The Installer starts copying and extracting the necessary files in the chosen directory. Wait until the process finished.

3Finish installation:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 3

After completing the setup, Check Run D5 Render Box and Click Finish.

4First Run:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 4

D5 Render starts the firs run initialization and loading the necessary files..

5Welcome to D5 Render:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 5

The welcoming interface asks you to check if your computer is compatible with the D5 Render Minimum system requirement, click on the Start button the test that.

6Testing Computer specs:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 6

Now, D5 Render starts testing Computer hardware configuration and the update of the operating system.

7Failed Test:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 7

If your computer hardware configuration is not compatible with the minimum D5 Render requirements, you will get this messaging interface, and that means you can’t run D5 Render software on your computer. You need to upgrade the specs.

8Successful test:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 8

Congraltation, your Computer specs are compatible with D5 Render Requirements, you can start using D5 Render software.

9Create your First Project:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 9

Click on Create New if that is your first project. Click on Open Project if you already have one.

10Choose you File Project:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 11

Find your the Sketchup File or FBX File of your Project, then Click Open Button.

11Loading the file Project:

How to install D5 Render Engine Step 12

D5 Render Starts Loading the mash and material of your File Project, Wait until finish.

12Enjoy Working with D5 Render:

D5 Render Tutorial Overview Lesson

Awesome, your file is loaded successfully. You can start playing with parametres add Material change Skylight and much more Configuration.

D5 Render Tutorial

If this is your first experience using the D5 Render engine, we recommend you to watch the Getting Started with D5 Render Tutorial. This course will help you to start learning D5 Render software quickly and easily.

D5 Render Tutorial – QuickStart

d5 render tutorial quickstart

D5 Render QuickStart Tutorials are the First official D5 Render Tutorial series from D5techs.com. To introduce the New render engine based on the Realtime Raytracing technology. the QuickStart videos will be divided into six (6) lessons:

1Overview Lesson:

D5 Render Tutorial Overview Lesson

The overview that introduces what is D5 Render? And what topics that the following five lessons will be talking about? Watch Overview Lesson

2Workflow Lesson:

D5 Render Tutorial Workflow Lesson

You will learn the standard workflow to visualize your design using D5 Render. Once you have your own workflow, your productivity will be significantly improved. Watch Workflow Lesson

3Daylight Lesson :

D5 Render Tutorial Daylight Lesson

You will learn how to use D5 Render through a practical daylight interior design example? You will learn how to tweak and set up the daylight settings in D5 render? Watch Daylight Lesson

4Artificial Light Lesson:

D5 Render Tutorial Artificial Light Lesson

You will learn how to use the artificial lights? provided in d5 Render. Watch Artificial Light Lesson

5PBR Material Lesson:

D5 Render Tutorial PBR Material Lesson

You get an introduction about the PBR material system in d5 render. You will go through the physically-based material system and learn how to create common materials using D5 Render. Watch PBR Material Lesson

6Post-production Lesson:

D5 Render Tutorial Post Production Lesson

Once you have finished tweaking one thing or one image. You will learn how to do color Correction and post-production effects right inside D5 Render? As well as how to set up the output settings for the final render. Watch Post-production Lesson

After you have finished all these six (6) lessons, you will be able to get started with D5 Render and enjoy the realtime experience and visualizing your designs project.

What is D5 Render? (🔥 🔥🔥New Render Engine)

D5 Render Engine Realtime Raytracing

What is D5 Render?

D5 Render Software is a realtime renderer based on the realtime raytracing technology. It combines the advantages of both ray tracing and rasterization to get real-time interactivity and photorealistic images at the same time.

You can download Latest Version From here.

D5 Render Trailer?

The Officiel D5 Render Trailer from d5tech.com shows us the power, and the high easy working with D5 render Engine.

D5 Render Showcase?

In this showcase video, you will see how the working is with the realtime ray tracing technology.

D5 Render for Sketchup

Easy to use for SketchUp users. No need to change the workflow, just simpler. All Sketchup default materials are mapped automatically, and the software double-opens and synchronizes in realtime, helping designers to refine the details of the scheme repeatedly.

Support the latest version of SketchUp 2014 to 2019.