Whats New in Sketchup 2020 Sketchup Pro 2020

Finally, Sketchup Pro 2020 has been released on January 28th. So let’s discover Sketchup 2020 new features, review, trailer, and tutorial.

Sketchup 2020 Download

You can download Sketchup Pro 2020 for Mac and Windows from the officiel Website. You can also try Sketchup 2020 free for 30 days with trial version.

Sketchup 2020 system requirements

Before installing Sketchup Pro 2020 You can check your System Requirements

1Layers renamed to “Tags”:

Sketchup 2020 New Features Layers to Tags

Many users familiar with Photoshop and LayOut are disadvantaged by calling them layers in Sketchup since it indicates a 2D stacking order. Now Trimble has changed it to Tags, and that won’t change your workflow.


Add Toggling Visibility in Outliner Panel. You can Hide and unhide objects easily and faster, which is great. Now, groups and components that are hidden by tag (layers) can show up in the Outliner.

Objects are now a collective term for groups, components, dynamic components, and Section Planes. This won’t effect your workflow process.

3Grips on Bounding Boxes 

Selected groups and components now display grips on the bounding box corners, allowing for quick and accurate placement. When you tap the down arrow, you can change the inference point collections to Corners, Midpoints, Centers, and Object center.

4Moving with Grips & Automatic Transparency

When you grab a point in an object to move it, your object will automatically go transparent. That works with both the Move tool and Rotate tool.

5Hidden Geometry vs Objects

A significant change has made in Sketchup 2020. Hiding objects and hiding geometry are decoupled, and that will give you the ability to better manage hidden geometry and hidden objects for an even easier modeling experience.

6What’s New in LayOut 2020?

In LayOut 2020, Trimble focused on improving the interaction between LayOut & SketchUp & to save you time and energy. So let’s see the new changes in the video below:

This is the most important feature in Sketchup Pro 2020. So if you want to discover all others improvements and bug fix check the Official Release Notes

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